“It’s your wedding, not a photoshoot? What are you on about Tim?”

It’s my approach. My aim. Something staged is not always real, and won’t look real. I want to capture you and your favourite people as they are, with minimal interference from me. Natural, no fakery, just forget that I am there and let everything flow naturally. That way, the photo will have real value, and you’ll look back at the images and remember the day as it actually happened.

“So does that mean there is no group photos then??”

Of course there’s going to be group photos, but don’t feel that you have to. Some people don’t want them, whereas other people do. It may not be ‘documentary’, but it’s important! I’ll aim to get these done with fun mixed in. The key is that these won’t eat into your day, and I aim to have groups done (and you all back to your drinks!) in 10-15 mins.

“How many photos will we get?”

There is no limit. The more fun and moments, the more images! Typically it is 400 - 500, all individually edited, with a mix of colour and black and white, all tweaked, loved and to the style you see here on this website.

“How do we get our photos?”

You will get all your photos on a USB in a gorgeous wooden presentation box which will include prints of some of your favourite photos, and also via a digital gallery. You are welcome to share the gallery link and password with anyone anywhere in the world and they will be able to view and download the images to share and print themselves!


“How long will we have to wait to get our photos?”

This depends on how many weddings I have shot before yours. Typically it’s anywhere between 4-8 weeks. This is because I am making sure every image I deliver is as good as it can be. No presets, filters or quick fixes here!!

“Hmmmm, I have a friend with a good camera. Maybe they could be my wedding photographer…..”

They could, but wouldn’t you want them to join in the celebrations and be part of your day? The aim of having a professional photographer is that they know how to get the best out of every situation, be it bad weather, bad light, or even worse, scary in-laws! Nothing worse than pics where you are either too dark, too bright, out of focus or half blinking! I have professional equipment (costing tens of thousands of pounds), professional insurance, backup equipment, and experience of the wedding day and all the fun that comes with it, helping it to run smoothly, and get the best images.